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MLB – Cleveland Indians Fire Manager Eric Wedge

After a poor season for the Cleveland Indians, the team decided to fire manager Eric Wedge. The firing of Wedge and his crew was rumored for weeks then, on Wednesday, the Indians gave the official statement. The decision was made by Cleveland’s owners, Larry and Paul Dolan, and by general manager Mark Shapiro. Wedge had a contract until 2010. The remainder of the season will be awkward for the players on the team, even though they long suspected that Wedge would be relieved.

The news was given to the players the morning before the press conference itself. The notice was hardly a shock, but the timing did surprise both the crew and the press. Despite the announcement, Wedge and his staff have said that they will try to maintain their focus and keep the team strong through the next games. Shapiro refused to give any details as to the reason for the dismissal, but with the Indians suffering from a terrible season after beginning with high expectations, the answer seems clear. The team had been unable to recover from early injuries at the beginning of the season and eventually entered into an 11-game losing streak, dropping 20 of its last 25 games. The Indians are just short of the last place in the AL Central.

EoeIt was not one overwhelming component that led us to this, aE Shapiro said. about was a large number of things occurring. I think we just reached the point where it was time to make a change. In his years in Cleveland, Wedge led the Indians to one playoff berth since 2003 and has repeatedly rebuilt the team. The Indians gave no further details but expressed their desire to find a new manager soon, one that will prove an adequate replacement for Wedge. Some of the names that have been bandied about were Boston pitching coach John Farrell, former Arizona manager Buck Showalter, former Indians manager Mike Hargrove, and former manager of the Indians’ Triple-A Columbus, Torey Lovullo. Nothing, however, is certain.

The Cleveland Indians fired manager Eric Wedge in the last days of the disaster season.

Wedge guided the Indians to one playoff appearance in seven seasons, and this year, the MLB club fell into an initial quarrel and is currently one match from the last place at AL Central.

Indians have scheduled a press conference Wednesday afternoon at Progressive Field to announce the dismissal of Wedge.

The wedge will finish the season as manager. Cleveland’s coaching staff have also been told that it will not be maintained, but that some staff can be re-employed by the next Indian manager.

“I still want to finish what we started this year,” said Wedge, who has led Indians for one playoff appearance since 2003 and underwent two rebuilding projects with a middle-class club. “I feel like it’s the right thing to do. It’s been a long-time running here as the manager leaves. It will be a difficult day.”

Two years ago, Cleveland was one more win from the World Series trip. The Indians fell to 81-81 in 2008 but are expected to bounce back and compete this season.

However, a slow start began to snow and in mid-season, the trading club defended the winner Cy Young Cliff Lee and all-star catcher Victor Martinez to start rebuilding.

Choosing The Right Baseball Pitching Equipment To Help Build All Star Players

The best baseball pitching equipment not only helps hitters improve upon their swings, but also their timing, strength, and overall conditioning. With spring training already underway, there’s a waiting line at the outdoor batting cages. While managers and coaches begin to size up their rosters, ballplayers from across the country are getting in top shape for what promises to be one of the most exciting seasons ever! From the Little League Louisville Slugger to the pros of MLB, the smell of brick dust is in the air, while the sound of bats cracking and crowds cheering can be heard in the distance.

The manufacturers of baseball pitching equipment are just as excited and passionate as the fans, and just as dedicated as the players while helping to provide them with top-of-the-line gear for every skill level. Top Of The Line Baseball Pitching Equipment is one of the official equipment suppliers of Major League ball clubs. The Hitting Streak machine has been a staple of big leaguers for over a decade, and the all-new Hitting Streak is loaded with more features to satisfy even the most disciplined hitters. Because of its 300 alternating rotation, pitches can be thrown from variable angles. It takes only 8 seconds to reload-delivering two-seam fastballs, curves, and sliders at speeds ranging up to 65 mph.

The new rotating ball feeder holds 16 baseballs for the perfect 2-minute hitting drill. When dealing with baseball pitching equipment from the batter’s perspective, the ATEC Hitting Streak is one of the most important tools for getting in rhythm for the dog days to come. For equipment managers, the Hitting Streak is famous for saving tons of time for setup and takedown, not to mention that it’s easy to carry; with the recommended Wilson Pudge Plus Gear Bag and catchers gear as well, transporting the ATEC Hitting Streak is a snap. Choosing Baseball Pitching Equipment If On A BudgetThe Heater Jr. is another piece of top-selling baseball pitching equipment that can pack a burst of fastball power or toss a change-up in a matter of 12 seconds. The art of batting is often based on anticipating the pitcher’s ability to fool the hitter and throw the hitter off balance. With the Heater Jr., a full arsenal of movement on the ball is part of each delivery, which can help hitters at all skill levels to either brush up on their swings or be able to lay some wood on the nastiest of sinkers.